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Water Feature Rebuilt

Project Information

When a water feature is leaking due to poor construction techniques sometimes the only thing to be done is rebuild.  This water feature was reconstructed to give a more natural appearance to this vacation home’s entrance.  The leaking pond was replaced with an underground reservoir to hold the water when water feature is not in use.  Aesthetic appeal, practicality, and reliability make this one stand out from the pack.

Landscaping Design

All the stone in the water feature was sourced from the clients property.  The large flat bottom stone is 7 ft. long x 3 ft. wide, making a foundational focal point that give’s the eye a place to start as it make it’s way up the stream bed.

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    Do­min­ion Land­scape is a land­scape de­sign and construction company that is privileged to share our love of the craft of landscaping with our clients. We are a company ex­cited to bring the best of land­scape ideas, vi­sion and quality of work­man­ship to one place… Yours!

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    Do­min­ion Land­scape is de­voted to work­ing with our clients in the creation of their own custom land­scape, from residential to small commercial jobs. We spe­cial­ize in dis­cov­er­ing el­e­ment that you would like to see in your land­scape, from sim­ple to com­plex. Then we con­struct them in the way most suited to your lifestyle and need.

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